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Orange Coast Winery


~ 2017 Big Wave Pairing Package ~

We decided to bring our best pairings to the table for you to enjoy with this stunning red blend. The Hatch Chili cheese perfectly accents the wine by adding a smooth, bell-peppery component that pulls the beautiful dark fruity notes of the wine forward, without overpowering its complex flavors. The Calabrese Salami brings some spice to the mix, and accentuates the jamminess present in the wine while also presenting its own savory undertones. Typically you might think to only eat spicy food with sweeter wine, and you would be correct! What’s uniquely great about this pairing is the spice in the salami as well as the alcohol level is mild enough to avoid that unpleasant alcohol burn. Instead they balance each other in a way that allows the food and wine to shine, while bringing forth just the right amount of warmth on your palate.

Price is $110 (with the use of credits)
or $80 (without the use of credits)*

We put together a Wine Pairing Aficionado Package to allow you to taste with us from the comfort of your home!
This all encompassing package includes Endless Wave White, Malbec & Ruby Wave, along with their specially chosen pairings of Aged Cheddar, Double Cream Brie, Prosciutto di Parma, Hatch Chili Cheese, Sopressata Salami, Fig Jam, Candied Walnuts, Dark Chocolate, and a complimentary bag of Bruschettini.
Price is $188 (credits) or $150.40 (no credits)*

We also put together three individual wine pairing packages...

Summer Day Pairing Package
This package includes our 2019 Endless Wave White blend, along with its delicious pairings of Aged Cheddar, Double Cream Brie, Prosciutto di Parma, and a complimentary bag of Bruschettini.
Total: $60 (credits) or $48 (no credits)*
Cozy Night In Pairing Package
This package includes our 2017 Malbec along with its daring pairings of Hatch Chili Cheese, Sopressata Salami, and a complimentary bag of Bruschettini.
Total: $87 (credits) or $69.60 (no credits)*
Indulgent Dessert Pairing Package
Includes our Ruby Wave Port style wine along with its perfectly complementary pairings of Double Cream Brie & Fig Jam (eaten together), Candied Walnuts, Dark Chocolate, and a complimentary bag of Bruschettini.
Total: $46 (credits) or $36.80 (no credits)*

  • Cheeses and meats come in 6 oz portions.
  • No modifications
  • Members may use their wine club credits to purchase packages, however if you choose to purchase a package without the use of credits, we will take 20% off the total!