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2019 Merlot 6 Pack

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The 2019 Merlot takes a step back from our signature bold fruit - forward style, and instead carries a light bodied earthiness and subtle fruity notes.

Specifically, we find a pleasant woodsy Cedar quality in the finish that is preceded by a rush of ripe Black Currant and touch of Plum Skin! Those looking for a particularly dry finish should look no further than this grippy number.

Fun fact! The word “Merlot,” roughly translates to, “little black bird.” Some think this originates from the appearance of the wine itself, while others say the varietal attracted pesky black birds hoping to snatch the grapes up for their next meal.

One of the many wonderful things about Merlot is its ability to adapt to a wide variety of cuisines including meaty-tomato pastas, sun-dried tomato, roast turkey, beef short rib, hearty roasted veggie dishes, pizza, and anything in between that isn’t too delicate or spicy!

Merlot is actually a sibling of Cabernet Sauvignon, meaning it appeals to most anyone, and blends beautifully.

Merlot has not always had a perfect public image however! In the early nineties, specifically in California, Merlot had a brief track record of being less than desirable due to a drop in quality of the grapes and wines being created. They were often far too soft and sickly sweet. The infamous mention of Merlot in the movie, “Sideways,” also brought down the wine's image as a whole for some years after. Luckily California has got its act together since then, and there are a variety of excellent Merlots to enjoy nowadays.

For us at Orange Coast Winery, we are delighted to release this excellent Merlot and contribute to its steady rise back to the top of the wine world! Plus, a little black bird told us you would love it. ;-)