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Team Favorites Bundle
Each of our Team Members listed their current favorite.

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1 Bottle each of:

  • Rosé of Malbec 2020 
  • Zinfandel 2017 
  • Petite Sirah 2018
  • Picpoul 2020 
  • Big Wave 2017 
  • Merlot MV 2017 

Courtney - 2020 Rosé of Malbec:  “I really love the Rosé of Malbec because it's unlike other Rosés I've had before. It is nice and refreshing with just the right amount of fruitiness without being overwhelming. Not to mention it goes with so many meals I love to make, like salmon & risotto with asparagus. It is always delicious, regardless of the occasion or season and it will forever be my go-to for hosting and any other excuse I can find to have a glass of wine.”

Daniel - 2017 Zinfandel:  “The 2017 Zinfandel is the first thing I think of when I think of Orange Coast Winery wine. Full bodied and flowing with complex flavors and aromas, the Zinfandel is my go-to, and if you’re looking for an OCW classic, look no further.” 

Cierra - 2018 Petite Sirah:  “The Petite Sirahs we come out with are a pretty consistent favorite of mine. This vintage in particular is so lush with dark fruits and complementary spices. I love the fact that this wine is so bold and full bodied. It is excellent on it’s own when I want to sip on something, but I have also paired it with many robust dinners as it never gets washed out, and always adds a very special layer of flavor to each meal.” 

Sheri - 2020 Picpoul:  “Picpoul is my new favorite wine because it's crisp, tart, and a refreshing way to start my afternoon or evening.  I also love to tell others about our newest varietal that most people have not heard of before.  It gives me the perfect conversation starter, ‘It's a little known fact that Picpoul means lip stinger in French!’  PS: I also love our Smooth Rider!  It goes great with pasta and all my dramas on TV.  Don't tell anyone I picked two!”

Peter - 2017 Big Wave:  “With apologies to Julie Andrews and the writers of The Sound of Music, ‘these are a few of my favorite things:’  Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Malbec.  Each of these wines, considered Bordeaux-style varietals, are in the 2017 Big Wave blend.  If I have a hearty pasta, spicy pizza, or a beautiful cut of grilled meat, I will reach for the Big Wave.”

David - 2017 Merlot:  “I like the Merlot because it over delivers. Typically I like big reds (like many of you) but I also like it to show a complex personality and be on the dry side. The Merlot has these for me but you will need to taste for yourself.”

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Big Wave 2017 is available in the Big Reds & Team Favorites Bundles.